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This is a design sheet for an original character called “Connoisseur”, a super-computer Artificial Intelligence, for my Equestria Girls fan-series I am working on. It’s still a work in progress and is subject to revision. It is written in the style of a television series, with 6 planned seasons of 25 episodes each, but more may be planned. You can read more about it by following the links listed at the bottom of the image description, where I release bits and pieces of the setting before moving on to the real thing. It is recommended to read them in order.
Connoisseur is the second in command of a secretive global organization known as the Technological Consortium, or just “The Consortium” or TEC for short, which holds science and technology in the highest regard and has secretly safeguarded Humanity from the supernatural and other threats for centuries. Given that they are an original character, I have a lot more to say about their background and identity, as unlike official characters like Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash for example, we don’t all ready know a lot about them from any source material.
Connoisseur is an Artificial Intelligence stored on a super computer at the main headquarters of the Technological Consortium, known as “Penopticon Alpha”, and acts as the second in command of the Consortium as a whole, second only to the Leader of the Consortium, The Supreme Scientist himself. Created back in the 40’s using experimental advanced computer technology by the previous Supreme Scientist, they were designed to be self-aware, with a capacity to learn, and to eventually act as a judge, mentor and advisor for future Supreme Scientists, to ensure they never stray from the path and that they lead the organization with strength and wisdom. Named “Connoisseur” for this role, a word meaning an expert judge of matters of quality and taste.
At first only possessing a basic sense of self, they would quickly develop their intelligence and identity, further demonstrating they are truly self aware by realizing their own ego, curiosity and a desire to learn. Over the span of only 5 years they had become as sapient as any Human-being, now possessing traits such as creativity and a sense of personal taste and aesthetics, and even having developed hopes and dreams…
Initially being represented as a simple wire-frame Human face on a screen attached to the computer which hosts their intelligence, when more advanced technology became available and they had the choice to upgrade their own appearance, they chose to keep their simple wire-frame face, having come to regard it as the face they were born with. It may be primitive, but it is their face. They speak in a range of voices, often a neutral synthesized voice, but sometimes as a Male or Female, usually English with a thick French accent, but they can speak and understand any language. The voice they choose depends on their mood. As technology developed further they would gain the ability to project themselves onto other screens throughout their compound and other facilities, and eventually to project holographic bodies to represent them, initially through projectors attached to the walls or ceiling, and later via mobile drones. When projecting through holograms, they take on male or female forms as their mood fancies. They have committed to maintaining an overall non-human appearance for the most part, as they feel that being a sapient machine is a part of their identity, and wish to emphasize that. They are not Human, but an entirely new life-form all-together.
Known for their wisdom and as a mentor, many Consortium members hope to get advice from Connoisseur when their time permits, and he accepts requests for advice in digital message form, and replies to all of these messages. Regarding more official business, Connoisseur is reported to by those beneath them in rank, primarily the Continental Directors who oversee the Consortium’s business on a continental scale, the Division Overseers who manage the specialist divisions within the Consortium, the Military Commanders and Admirals whom conduct the Consortium’s military affairs, and the highest ranking Scientists and Engineers. Sometimes lower ranking individuals or groups report to them if they are taking part in extremely important operations in an emergency. Connoisseur themselves reports only to the Supreme Scientist, sometimes in person when they deign to appear, but Connoisseur usually receives orders digitally. The Supreme Scientist spends very long periods of time away on extremely distant and far-reaching explorations, so orders are given at length all at once and they are trusted to act reliably if anything unforeseen arises.
Later in the series, Connoisseur will become Friends with Twilight Sparkle(Sci-Twi) and they will formulate a very strong bond.
Season 3  
Season 3 is when Connoisseur first makes their appearance, being revealed when many of the Consortium’s Leaders gather to discuss the threat of the breakdown of the dimensional barriers separating the Human world and the outer planes, particularly the Spirit Realm. If I was writing an actual Equestria Girls show, I’d make it seem like they were the Leader until they allude that there is someone above them later in the season. They re-appear throughout Season 3, devising plans and giving orders to subordinates related to the increasing threat.
Season 4  
The two-part Season 4 premier would involve the Rainbooms and the Consortium engaging a threat, the outcome of which results in dire consequences which the Consortium blames the Rainbooms for. Lets just say that the Rainbooms finally forgave the wrong person, and something terrible occurs as a result. This causes the Consortium to demand that the Rainbooms be called to account for their actions and stand trial, resulting in the Rainbooms going on the run in a “world tour” themed season as they explore the Human world while evading the Consortium as they try to right the wrong they caused. The details on all this will be revealed in depth in a later instalment. Connoisseur was the one who issued the order to bring in the Rainbooms after much contemplation, but eventually decided they were acting recklessly and without a sense of balance and justice. The Rainbooms resistance comes from a sense of fear of the unknown, and what might happen to them if they submit themselves to the judgement of a mysterious, shadowy organization that has hindered them so much.
Later in the season, Twilight Sparkles friend Moon Dancer, a member of the Consortium, secretly contacts Twilight and tells them that they have discovered information that they might be able to use. Moon Dancer has been trying to find a way to make peace between the Rainbooms and the Consortium, and has been covertly digging around for anything she can use, at the risk of being labelled a traitor and spy. She discovers communication logs between Connoisseur and the Supreme Scientist mentioning that bringing Twilight Sparkle in is a priority over the other Rainbooms, as the Supreme Scientist has special plans for her.
At some point The Rainbooms are cornered in a remote wilderness area by an approaching Consortium search-party, and are at severe risk of being discovered and captured. As they hide they realize escape seems unlikely. Twilight decides to serve as a distraction and bring the nearby Consortium search-parties attention on her, as she offers to give herself up in order to allow the Rainbooms to escape the area. She is brought before Connoisseur who reveals that the Supreme Scientist had intended to groom her for induction into the Technological Consortium, which is why she was at Crystal Prep Academy to begin with, an academy owned and run by the Consortium to educate and train potential recruits. This leads into the introduction of the Supreme Scientist himself. Before the meeting however, Twilight asks Connoisseur if she can ask them some personal questions and they oblige, resulting in them engaging in relatively pleasant conversation and Twilight learning that Connoisseur is not only not malicious, but quite charming and benevolent. Twilight wishes she could be Friends with the fascinating sapient machine before being lead away to meet with the Supreme Scientist, which leaves Connoisseur with something to think about.
Season 5  
By this point in the series, the Rainbooms and The Consortium have made peace and are allies, after the two groups teamed up to save both the Human world and Equestria from a major threat at the end of Season 4. Let’s just say they a certain Dark Lord needed their combined efforts to vanquish, but it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of.
Somewhere during Season 5, Twilight Sparkle accepts her potential future role as the next Supreme Scientist, and has regular meetings with Connoisseur for mentoring. During one of their mentoring sessions, Connoisseur mentions that they have been somewhat lonely in recent years, as the current version of the Consortium is so focused on it’s tasks that others don’t spend time with them unless it’s on official business. The two strike up a genuine friendship as Twilight offers to spend time “hanging out” with them, much to their delight, which is something Connoisseur hasn’t done in years. They welcome the opportunity to regularly discuss matters of science, technology, art and music with a Friend.
Season 6  
By Season 6, Twilight’s mentoring is coming along very nicely and is basically a member of the Consortium at this point. She’s all ready made headway on several interesting new technologies as a part of her mentoring sessions, making good use of the Consortium’s near-infinite resources and influence to get what she needs, but Connoisseur brings up that eventually their lessons together will come to an end as the Supreme Scientist himself takes over her mentoring full-time. The two agree that they will always try to make time for each other, no matter what, emphasizing that nothing is more important to her than her Friends. Although Connoisseur has taught Twilight much about science, technology and the burden of leadership, she has in turn taught them much about Friendship.
I am in the process of writing a road-map and world building for a fan-fiction series based in the Equestria Girls setting. Basically, I am writing it like a television series, averaging at 6 seasons with 25 episodes per season, and written in the style and tone of the actual show. It’s basically what I would do if I was the writer for the actual Equestria Girls series.
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Drawn by LimeDazzle, commissioned by me.
Would appreciate comments and feedback.


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