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With Rainbow dash's opening eyes
Original one
safe1636065 alternate version39865 artist:icaron217 applejack164275 fluttershy205290 rainbow dash226233 earth pony222690 pegasus264556 pony901176 crossover59922 peril801 pile477 pony pile707 quicksand428 show accurate12795 stretching portrait10 teary eyes3699 the haunted mansion45 tower of pony204 trio7937 wide eyes16509 worried3681


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Background Pony #161D
AJ: "Consarnit, rainbow. We wouldn' be here if you'd've just listened to me."

RD: "How was I supposed to know that would happen."

AJ: "It said "Trap" above the button!"

RD: "Fiiiiine. So pressing the button was a bad idea. But you never even tried to stop me. Plus you never came up with a better plan anyways, so this is really all your fault."

AJ: "You never gave me time to think."

FS: *Thinking while RD and AJ are bickering and slowly sinking
(Will they ever quit bickering…
Why am I always on bottom…
Oh celestia, its up to my chest…
Please twilight, please come and save us…)