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Traced from A Horse Shoe-in episode as the base. Inspired from Gameloft's Limited Time Story.
Cutie Mark by cheezedoodle96

Free to use with credit.
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SVG file: sta.sh/01myi56yf6qi
safe1750221 artist:melisareb404 trixie68729 pony1010312 unicorn342211 .svg available8463 absurd resolution67008 alternate hairstyle29073 babysitter trixie531 clothes475907 cute205664 diatrixes3216 female1401672 gameloft4893 gameloft interpretation337 hoodie14938 looking at you175649 mare502072 melisareb is trying to murder us3 pigtails4944 show accurate17040 simple background409023 smiling260846 smiling at you5194 solo1094219 stars16283 transparent background208757 twintails1755 vector77855 weapons-grade cute3760


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Background Pony #DF32
i am not fan of her but i do love her new hair style and i think is suit her very well!
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