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As usual, feel free to add\remove tags if I missed any.
Commissioned by: @AudinaPuzzle
Featuring: @AnthroPoniesSFM 's OC
Voices By: nilla_miss and MinteaVA
Special thanks to: @hunterz263
Patreon: your support helps me a lot!
explicit343482 artist:cdv384 artist:minteava1 artist:missnilla3 oc666574 oc only438753 oc:audina puzzle107 oc:aurora starling340 earth pony238205 unicorn311520 anthro253919 3d73287 afterglow1613 animated97186 barefoot26846 beckoning562 bedroom eyes58047 belly button75626 bottomless13418 bouncing4765 bouncing breasts3717 breast grab6890 breasts269974 breasts touching34 clothed female nude female2766 clothes449232 commission65447 cunnilingus9460 feet38774 female1337255 female orgasm736 french kiss1809 glasses60263 grope12681 kissing24163 lesbian95070 licking19760 lidded eyes29860 long animation56 looking at each other19400 looking at you163351 moaning5544 night25638 nipple sex390 nipple stimulation441 nipples161662 nudity361801 oc x oc15020 oral47702 orgasm11204 partial nudity19931 presenting23539 sex118393 shipping196413 sound8509 source filmmaker44756 suckling2556 tongue out101066 tribadism2067 undressing5090 voice acting414 vulva124634 webm12762


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Background Pony #140B
(afterwards) "So what was that fun you said you wanted to talk about before we had sex?"
Curtain Call
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The Lesbo Pone
Holy.. wow. This is now my new favourite animation from you, I genuinely am amazed at how you can continue to make better and better works!

Gosh.. I just love it so much~

Please keep it up!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I was literally just thinking I would love to see someone do an MLP animation with voice acting
Background Pony #6F7C

Wow voice acting. I hope your next futa on female project has it as well.

Keep up the great work
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Yeah, I forgot to remove the fucking fading from 2:03 I have fixed it on all the other soucers (won't do it here because FRUSTRAZIONE!)