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So, it’s been a while, but I finally did it, hope you like it.  
Feedback is appreciated!

explicit463705 artist:shanzone10 pinkie pie253261 earth pony436352 human240196 pony1578743 g42004214 3d120549 animated124629 bedroom eyes80905 blowjob41254 cock kissing380 cock worship3639 creampie44130 cum103563 cum in mouth14252 deepthroat6676 faceless human780 female1777304 human male8549 human male on mare4473 human on pony action12888 human penis14215 interspecies31066 just the tip1174 kissing32057 licking27239 licking cock7308 lidded eyes46608 looking up23545 male541690 mare726311 nudity503760 oral64118 oral creampie6599 penis209539 sex167966 sound16702 source filmmaker67166 straight176081 sucking1672 swallowing2598 tongue out144535 webm25217


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Non-Fungible Trixie -

Maan. that’s suuch a quality animation <3
It must’ve taken a lot of effort from you, but I hope we’ll see something as good from you again ^^
Background Pony #5A56
Exactly. No guy can remain perfectly still when getting sucked like this. It’s impossible. He’d be melting in ecstasy.
Background Pony #367B
Wow, this animation is very good! Human on pony is underappreciated imo it’s nice to see more of it and Pinkie’s animations are very well done. The kissing parts are a cute touch as well.
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Artist -

What makes a blowjob interesting for a girl is the reaction they get for it. Like seeing his legs quiver. Same general idea for when a guy digs into a girl - the wiggles, moans, etc are what make it hotter for him.
I recommend making it look like he’s trying to contain himself a little.