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So, it's been a while, but I finally did it, hope you like it.
Feedback is appreciated!
explicit343481 artist:shanzone3 pinkie pie213459 earth pony238199 human151800 pony940153 3d73287 animated97185 bedroom eyes58044 blowjob31106 cock kissing214 cock worship2826 creampie29737 cum77735 cum in mouth10317 deepthroat5211 faceless human643 female1337244 human male6571 human male on mare3602 human on pony action10392 human penis11242 interspecies22332 just the tip934 kissing24163 licking19759 licking cock4576 lidded eyes29857 looking up15998 male362976 mare466981 nudity361799 oral47702 oral creampie4912 penis149891 sex118392 sound8509 source filmmaker44756 straight133519 sucking1090 swallowing1883 tongue out101064 webm12762


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Background Pony #5A56
Exactly. No guy can remain perfectly still when getting sucked like this. It’s impossible. He’d be melting in ecstasy.
Background Pony #367B
Wow, this animation is very good! Human on pony is underappreciated imo it's nice to see more of it and Pinkie's animations are very well done. The kissing parts are a cute touch as well.
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Artist -

What makes a blowjob interesting for a girl is the reaction they get for it. Like seeing his legs quiver. Same general idea for when a guy digs into a girl — the wiggles, moans, etc are what make it hotter for him.

I recommend making it look like he's trying to contain himself a little.