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Everyone else was doing it :P
safe1749087 artist:badumsquish2008 derpibooru exclusive29277 zephyr breeze2434 alicorn232661 pony1009300 alicornified5556 aura winds138 choker12898 clothes475370 crossdressing9669 crossover63739 female1400647 frown23542 hair ornament285 jewelry68012 long mane3429 magical girl549 mare501593 necklace20262 pigtails4937 race swap14668 rule 6327476 sailor breeze12 sailor moon1502 sailor moon redraw meme74 sailor uniform750 serena tsukino201 show accurate17030 solo1093470 tiara4262 trap4563 tsukino usagi169 twintails1753 uniform11145 wings122834 zephicorn3


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@Conversed Corruption

@Digital Seapony
Only when he's in magical girl form though :D

@Parallel Black
I'm happy that there's so many of them :D

@Conversed Corruption

I got lucky XD

It's the perfect disguise for a magical girl. Who would ever guess the shiftless 20-something dude was a kawaii savior of Equestria? Besides, all magical girls in Equestria are dudes :P
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Background Pony #14F2
My theroy is this takes place in fluttershy's fanfic…. She does read sailer moon…. The ponifed version of silermoon. As in the episode scaremaster when fluttershy first attempt to scare her friends you can see a ponify cutout version of sailermoon among other ponify anime characters
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