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The girls' thoughts become hazy as their
bodies start making some drastic changes.

Story by THE AE TEAM
Art by AdvancedDefense/DepravedDefense

Equestria Girls©Hasbro Studios/DHX Media.
safe1572616 artist:advanceddefense317 artist:bluecarnationstudios169 sci-twi22009 sunset shimmer57443 twilight sparkle282260 comic:the amazonian effect174 equestria girls179696 blushing175373 canterlot high2411 clothes408001 comic101215 counterparts848 eyes closed79986 glasses54729 lab coat1998 open mouth122707 red eyes5153 skirt35542 speech bubble20496 talking4348 transformation9750 twilight's counterparts882


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Background Pony #B309
and sunset as seen in effect she has to awaken her lesbianism to the fullest and this quite excited