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Celestia wants nothing more than to settle down with the stallion she loves the most. A dream she’s had since she first met him. A dream that has been “fulfilled.”
Really proud of how this came out. Took months to final complete. Hopefully I can get better at animating for you guys

explicit478801 grimdark30907 artist:slapstick702 idw21250 king sombra17301 princess celestia113729 anthro365247 g42053249 reflections881 spoiler:comic13657 3d124754 abdominal bulge10046 ahegao34647 ambiguous penetration4156 animated127503 bad end2824 bedroom eyes83374 bent over5883 big breasts128223 bondage47127 bouncing6375 bouncing breasts4981 brainwashed359 breasts397221 busty princess celestia14001 castle3047 chains7151 collar48699 corrupted3531 crown30552 cuffs6536 dungeon1317 female1828671 from behind18841 good king sombra745 horn203509 horsecock101087 jewelry116108 king sombra raping princess celestia8 lidded eyes49354 looking back88309 looking over shoulder4743 male559327 mind control4861 nipples246520 no sound6760 nudity520448 obscured penetration3794 open mouth242594 penis216817 perfect loop2265 rape9181 regalia37351 restrained2299 royal guard11008 sex174610 shackles2515 ship:celestibra458 sombra empire242 sombra eyes4223 source filmmaker68598 straight181745 tongue out149682 victorious villain906 webm26459


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Deletion reason: Rule #6 - Fan art is not the right place to debate this. Come to Support or ask your question in the Tagging forum
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Deletion reason: Rule #6 - If you want to appeal how Rape is tagged here, use the Tagging & Discussion forum or come to Discord
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Because there is Mind control there is rape. If there is any rape, then the whole image is tagged that because there’s no way to tag ‘half of an image’ as one thing and the other half of the image something else.
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So she CAME to the DARK SIDE…  
Not sorry that I said it or commented so late…
Artist -
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Gotta question the rape tag. If she wants this, as the description states, then rape does not apply, even if the second image is a mind controlled one.

Wow you guys are fast! I was trying to upload this. Didn’t think someone would beat me to uploading my own piece. Well I’m glad you guys liked it. Hopefully I can make more.