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noming intensifies
safe1677836 edit129516 edited screencap63373 editor:lolledits32 screencap218556 twilight sparkle296872 alicorn218965 pony940367 no second prances1833 adorkable3503 animated97192 chewing596 chewing ponies33 cookie3597 cookie crumbs10 cropped48478 crown16250 crumbs252 cute195516 dork3772 eating9420 extreme speed animation695 female1337463 food68317 gif30156 glass of milk23 jewelry60861 mare467107 milk4421 munching122 nom3027 noms5 proper silverware placement18 regalia19088 seizure warning3221 silly7359 silly pony2966 solo1044687 twiabetes11498 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122203


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Background Pony #4DE1
one hour later and she still eat the same cookie before to attack the next one!
Background Pony #B3E3
I eat 'em like a wood chipper. Shavings shooting off of 'em. I got a little catcher off to the side and eat 'em later as a snack.
To paraphrase Brian Regan