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safe1658289 artist:shoutingisfun598 angel bunny9662 applejack165910 fluttershy207494 pinkie pie211461 rainbow dash228414 rarity177522 twilight sparkle294133 winona2495 alicorn215175 earth pony231400 pegasus273210 pony922587 unicorn303855 clothes442254 comic105841 computer5950 darling595 dialogue63005 flutterhacker7 friday night37 hacker51 hacking34 hax42 mane six31134 onomatopoeia3894 shadowrun24 speech bubble22128 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121058


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As somebody who has done occasional practice hacking as part of learning about security, I can confirm this is exactly how hacking works.
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Shouting always got their personalities just right, as if the show was aged up to Rick & Morty levels. It's very easy to read these lines in their voices in my head.