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safe2155267 artist:meiyeezhu341 beaude mane117 bulk biceps3838 gallus9019 octavia melody27416 griffon36329 human240940 g42008104 angry36281 anime7503 assault50 attack413 belt9233 black eye1371 blonde hair1262 board183 bowtie14664 bulktavia12 bush4518 chest hair347 clothes625983 comic134187 comments locked down469 female1782039 handshake166 high heels16846 hitting246 hoodie20317 humanized118176 injured4424 karate282 kicking2656 male543425 martial arts538 mistaken identity135 mullet59 muscular male2337 nervous8473 old master q505 oops688 parody17362 punch1574 purse882 question mark6607 reference5404 robe4816 scared14137 shipping251373 shoes58369 sidewalk373 skirt54656 smug9003 sneaking440 straight176760 street1249 suit8906 surprised12659 sweat39878 tailed humanization3414 tongue bite324 tongue out145041 tuxedo1915 upset1646 walking7374 winged humanization10039 wings217300 worried5587


Background Pony #E087
Gallus, don’t be a waifu thief… You already have Silverstream, Smolder, and Ocellus.
Background Pony #484C
The karate instructor looks familiar and its not Popeye’s arch nemesis (or that hopping guy from that cartoon Stimpy made) that I’m thinking of?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Fennekin The Firefox
Silver:Gallus why are you look like a human-griffon ball with full of brusied?  
Gallus:welp i got owned by my own sensei for this ow