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Lots and lots of Twilight Sparkles
…late to thanking y’all for 2k followers but a milestone is still a milestone

safe2189629 artist:sourspot326 twilight sparkle359976 alicorn317625 pony1619476 unicorn545284 g42045613 it's about time961 the last problem8084 abstract background24649 book43973 crescent moon2840 crown30326 cute267971 female1819709 filly98562 filly twilight sparkle3472 future twilight1222 heart77879 jewelry115075 looking at you262815 mare752612 moon31649 multeity3060 older40500 older twilight4408 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3889 open mouth240876 princess twilight 2.03836 regalia36999 self ponidox10456 sitting93682 smiling402802 solid sparkle197 sparkle sparkle sparkle324 stars23712 sweat41128 twiabetes15435 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150270 unicorn twilight34023 younger23076


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Background Pony #D215
Solid Sparkle is my favorite.
Wait, does that mean there’s a “Liquid Sparkle?”
Sunset Shimmer is Liquid Sparkle IMHO.