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I had to cut from 00:00:01 to 00:01:49 of this so you can listen to this on loop.

safe2200336 screencap298034 applejack202626 fluttershy261530 pinkie pie258726 rainbow dash283196 rarity219728 sci-twi31708 spike93115 spike the regular dog3242 sunset shimmer80063 twilight sparkle361508 dog13747 equestria girls259150 g42056456 my little pony equestria girls: better together40294 absurd file size3489 animated127758 cake13089 clothes645911 cookie5096 equestria girls logo926 explosion2754 food103189 geode of empathy3897 geode of fauna2465 geode of shielding2884 geode of sugar bombs2610 geode of super speed3092 geode of super strength2862 geode of telekinesis3477 holding hands3996 humane five5885 humane seven3939 humane six5367 logo7268 magical geodes11728 music4698 opening theme78 piggyback ride480 ponied up6371 sound17551 super strength202 theme song473 webm26552 wings230331


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