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safe1995268 edit159039 edited screencap81972 screencap267719 tempest shadow18325 verko69 pony1347957 unicorn457275 my little pony: the movie20730 animated114224 broken horn15234 cheekpest shadow13 cropped56546 cute239670 eye scar5689 female1625380 gif42037 horn121144 looking at you221919 offscreen character44965 out of context4783 scar14720 speed up163 squishy cheeks2944 tempest shadow is not amused271 tempestbetes2690 tempting fate213 this will end in death3133 this will end in electrocution34 this will end in pain2391 this will end in tears3903 this will end in tears and/or death2549 too dumb to live284 unamused21094


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Background Pony #CD55
His last words were:  
“Who’s the grumpy pony? Who da gwumpy pony? You da gwumpy pony. Woochie woochie woo. Woochie woo-.”
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Shiny Bug
this is pretty much what I would do  
and this is pretty much exactly the expression she would have
I would deserve the shocking, and yet no regrets.