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safe1788508 artist:pony quarantine789 oc734233 oc:anon12102 oc:corona chan46 oc:porona48 bat pony54343 human174022 pony1104940 :c587 bat pony oc20051 bat wings10770 boop7776 chest fluff43466 clothes489987 colored hooves7085 comic113693 coronavirus844 covid-19781 crying45739 cute210460 dialogue70063 eeee562 face mask682 fangs27852 frown24409 gloves21722 happy33065 hoodie15573 ocbetes5933 open mouth162086 povid-1927 sad25675 sadorable1013 simple background423997 sitting67702 smiling273649 social distancing75 sparkles5035 stick711 teary eyes4686 white background106667 wings131653


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Background Pony #F3EB
Poor Mexican Beer Virus pone.
Boops from a distance with Everclear propelled via air compressor
Isn’t that basically a flamethrower?