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safe1724080 artist:pony quarantine709 oc695732 oc:anon11781 oc:corona chan46 oc:porona42 bat pony50716 human156414 pony984478 :c556 bat pony oc18081 bat wings9605 boop7482 chest fluff39931 clothes466086 colored hooves6120 comic110010 coronavirus825 covid-19770 crying44054 cute202463 dialogue66366 eeee543 face mask614 fangs25927 frown23191 gloves20444 happy31630 hoodie14399 ocbetes5442 open mouth149342 povid-1927 sad24750 sadorable914 simple background400003 sitting64220 smiling253534 social distancing73 sparkles4635 stick692 teary eyes4248 white background99898 wings110798


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Background Pony #F3EB
Poor Mexican Beer Virus pone.

Boops from a distance with Everclear propelled via air compressor

Isn't that basically a flamethrower?
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