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I’m back after some very busy irl months that kept me away from drawing, that said, those months made me feel a bit rusty, so to get back on the groove, have a remake of an old pic of mine.
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explicit471776 artist:horsecat569 cheerilee11244 indigo wreath596 microchips1553 princess celestia112704 principal celestia4584 human245495 equestria girls255871 g42029004 an egg being attacked by sperm3157 anatomy504 anatomy chart90 assisted exposure2161 background human6954 barefoot35169 bedroom eyes82160 belly button110742 breasts391071 busty princess celestia13799 casual nudity9937 cervix2481 chalkboard3648 chart1031 classroom2192 clitoris41688 clothed female nude female3116 clothed male nude female1859 clothes634569 egg cell3084 exhibitionism13363 feet54499 female1802905 high res407856 impregnation4578 legs11898 lidded eyes48031 nipples242567 nudity512697 offscreen character52311 open mouth237578 ovaries441 pointer157 public nudity4725 sex education506 sexy46005 speech bubble39416 spermatozoon3102 spread legs30421 spread pussy5639 spreading31728 stupid sexy celestia2240 thighs28334 tongue out147180 uterus4273 vagina54674 vaginal secretions53249 vulva190437


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Background Pony #D08A
puts hand up ms cheerilee may i demonstrate with celestia on how pregnancy happens?
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Principal Celestia is happy to be of assistance during Cheerilee’s sex ed class.
There’s nothing she wouldn’t do, to give her students the best education possible.
Background Pony #F1CD
Good to see that Celestia is still actively helping with her students’ education.
Background Pony #01D9
Glad to see your back, horsecat. Can’t wait to see more of your wonderful creations.