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A fifteen.ai reading of >>879604

explicit471195 ai assisted1614 ai content18712 artist:dimwitdog1738 fifteen.ai580 fluttershy258372 twilight sparkle357420 alicorn313726 pegasus495703 pony1600685 g42027104 comic dub233 dialogue92585 female1800709 floppy ears72897 futa61668 futa on female15565 futa twilight sparkle6800 heart eyes29641 intersex64074 sound16967 the pony machine learning project95 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149006 uncanny valley audio1 vulgar25253 want it need it220 webm25775


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Background Pony #B472
@Background Pony #2BEB
It’s already possible to make anyone say anything, with but 5 seconds worth of a voice clip; most people just don’t have access to the tools.
Legislation is already being written for this issue in some places. But the corollary of what you said is that, if AI really can’t become as good at the detection of deepfakes as it will get at creating them (see Generative Adversarial Networks), then it stands to reason that we should not allow them as evidence in court due to the Presumption of Innocence. This says nothing about the fact that it will inevitably cause a lot of interpersonal emotional harm and will destroy relationships and lives until people catch up with it. People will be able to claim ‘deepfake!’ both correctly and incorrectly, and others will either believe them or won’t.
This complicates things a lot, but in the greater scale of things is only a smidgen of the potential harm that can arise from such tools. It can and will be abused, but in the most hopeful of cases, it should holistically not have 10% as negative a long-term effect on this species as positive.
Background Pony #98AE
@Background Pony #28C4  
That’s even creepier though. We’ll be able to someday, perhaps in a year or less, like you said, be able to cheaply make almost anyone say anything without it being distinguishable from the original. What happens when they get so perfect and easy to make, that audio and video recordings are both no longer admissable in court because of rampant fraud. You could just frame someone for anything right?
Background Pony #98AE
Ugh! It’s amazing and I love it, but, and this is a big but, it’s basically the uncanny valley for audio. There’s something that makes it just slightly robotic and it freaks me out.
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