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the kirin food have too much MSG and is the base in the kirin food.
la comida de kirin tiene mucho glutamato monosodico y es la base en la comida kirin.

en la historieta
cinder summer: … yep literal

autumn blaze: callate tu pistache brazos de serpiente

cinder summer: …
safe1751397 artist:wheatley r.h.218 derpibooru exclusive29320 autumn blaze4010 cinder glow795 summer flare795 kirin9297 ...2394 autumn blob14 belly grab218 bush2831 cinder glow is not amused14 cup6500 dinner239 dishes134 fat22657 female1402651 food73023 kirin village83 mare502569 noodles348 plants300 soup484 stuffed1731 table9521 translated in the description992 tree33544 vector77869 watermark16945


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Mostly here for the fat
@Wheatley R.H.
Most of the health problems associated with MSG don't actually exist, it was just the experimenters blaming MSG for why their bad Chinese food wasn't good to them. The results haven't been replicated

Big loud things on poles
Safe to say, autumn is In for one hell of a painful experience when she goes to take a shit. Also I’m pretty sure she’s got diabetes now