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Whilst during bad weather and troubled times, the young human prince and his pegasus mare maid explore the castle in a attempt to thwart recent tragedy. Will the young prince be able to handle himself during these troubled times when his parents are in a time of great suffering. Will the king and queen survive their life threatening ordeal.

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Done by the amazing :iconcandyclumsy:
safe (1523824) artist:candyclumsy (521) oc (574059) oc:candy clumsy (73) oc:tommy the human (346) human (139662) pegasus (221865) pony (798685) comic:sick days (32) canterlot (4593) canterlot castle (1666) child (1792) clothes (388156) comic (97372) commissioner:bigonionbean (1057) concerned (674) cute (167473) determination (94) dialogue (56669) frightened (225) hallway (719) hug (24355) human oc (348) lantern (1308) lightning (2700) maid (5066) monochrome (142523) nuzzles (91) nuzzling (3596) rain (5391) sad (21953) scared (8792) storm (678) window (6798) writer:bigonionbean (815)


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Background Pony #B837
I'm a sucker for hurt and comfort moments like these so top praise from me.
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