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The creation of King Speedy Hooves has always been a little bit confusing and I understand as to why it is such. The first comic i did with goattrain was a rather roughly incomplete (and overpriced) mess that only showed 4 pages showing the same thing. Suffice to say that should have been the last time I commissioned that ego-maniac of an artist.

Anyways, here is a much more improved reversion of the same event, now portrayed as a flashback within our fusion stallions mind replaying how it all went down. Much more illustrated and improved by the awesome and far superior chedx :iconchedx:

Thx mate!!

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safe1598887 artist:chedx345 oc615814 oc:king speedy hooves284 alicorn202322 clydesdale246 pony868068 comic:the fusion flashback48 alicorn oc23094 bookshelf3206 canterlot5293 canterlot castle1943 chair6143 comic102270 commissioner:bigonionbean1672 confused4280 confusion198 cutie mark42860 dialogue60122 doors127 fusion4703 fusion:fast hooves36 fusion:home defence38 fusion:king speedy hooves285 knocking147 magic67308 merge236 merging236 painted glass6 panicking227 passed out216 potion1887 sleeping21950 sweat23742 sweating profusely337 table8420 thought bubble3071 writer:bigonionbean1408


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