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Commission for @DaveMan1K
suggestive159572 artist:anthroponiessfm1781 cozy glow8445 diamond tiara10816 silver spoon6865 earth pony312452 pegasus355515 anthro292099 3d91171 absolute cleavage4265 ass58785 belly button88703 big breasts95929 bimbo5457 bimbo cozy17 bimbospoon12 bimbotiara26 braided ponytail347 braless1222 breasts315092 busty cozy glow92 busty diamond tiara474 busty silver spoon301 butt134293 cleavage38310 clothes518239 commissioner:daveman100027 cozy glutes228 female1499657 females only14175 freckles33164 glasses71457 implied tail hole725 looking at you195891 looking back66940 miniskirt5204 older30280 older cozy glow422 older diamond tiara918 older silver spoon734 open mouth175657 plaid skirt700 pleated skirt4194 roleplay in the comments54 school1922 school uniform7912 schoolgirl1992 sexy34276 shirt29068 skirt44684 skirt lift4988 skirt pull463 source filmmaker53806 spread wings65157 stupid sexy cozy glow40 stupid sexy diamond tiara75 stupid sexy silver spoon30 thighs18432 wings148313


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Background Pony #6F05
Silver spoons the least sexy 2nd sexiest is diamond tiara sexiest is cozy the glow
Background Pony #BEB6
You know, an aged-up Flurry Heart would go well with this picture, am I right?
Background Pony #5482
@Brass Melody  
Cozy: Awww, weawwy? Well, I suppose I could forgive you…!  
Diamond: What a minute, “spoiled princess”?  
Silver: “Brown noser”?  
Cozy: Sowwy, giwls! But, don’t worry! I’ll let you two have a turn, after me!  
Silver and Diamond: Grrr, we guess!  
Cozy: If that’s awwight with you, Bwassy!
Background Pony #5482
@Brass Melody  
Cozy: Aaawww, why not start with widdle ol’ me, big boy? I mean, sure I bite, but you don’t want Cozy-wozy to feel all saddy-waddy now, do you?
Background Pony #5482
(The wind managed to die down, much to the queens’ hidden disappointment, and their skirts stopped flailing around and went back down over their panties.)
Cozy: Gowwy! That bweeze suwe was naughty, wight giwls~?  
Diamond: You opened that window while none of us were watching, now did you, hun?  
Cozy: Well, what if I did~? You and Silver’s panties actually go well together with mine, ya know?  
Silver: Well, at least our teacher got a good look, now did you Mr. Pervert sir~?  
Cozy: Oh, I know he did, Silvy%! Plus, I think I’ll leave it open for our dear old frenemies, the Cutie Mark Crusaders%!  
Diamond and Silver: Oh Cozy~!