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Big Mac’s Worst Nightmare!

When Big Mac learns that Sugar Belle, Marble Pie, and Cheerilee have become friends, his awkwardness over their friendship allows his imagination to get the best of him.
safe1599205 artist:doodleponyxx20 artist:mondlichtkatze220 edit121472 screencap208649 big macintosh26870 cheerilee9476 marble pie6084 sugar belle2831 earth pony210359 pony868341 unicorn278475 no second prances1756 blushing179686 clothes419244 cropped46220 do not want586 dream2563 female1271984 horrified561 husband and wife1306 imagination279 imagine spot172 infidelity5616 lesbian91092 lesbian in front of boys370 male338130 marbilee26 nightmare1363 polyamory6370 reaction569 screaming3047 shipping186125 socks58442 sugarlee20 sugarmarilee15 the horror225 uh oh226 waking up761


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Background Pony #BC72
More like a "sweet dream" for me.

Polygamy or harem with lesbians should be legal in anywhere in the world.