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A cleaned-up version of >>2029813.

suggestive188559 artist:longinius938 princess celestia111758 alicorn309753 anthro354329 g42005161 alternate hairstyle37180 ass80710 big breasts123651 bikini25225 bikini bottom2011 braid9598 braless1627 breasts384834 busty princess celestia13604 butt226532 clothes625020 dialogue90967 dock69987 female1779325 flirting2404 huge breasts57351 lineart24261 looking at you254205 looking back84828 looking back at you28759 mare727294 nudity504624 panties62897 partial nudity28825 praise the sun2393 side-tie bikini658 solo1408748 solo female230134 stool2287 stupid sexy celestia2206 sunbutt5834 swimsuit38586 tail hole2174 talking to viewer5714 the ass was fat20799 thong7597 thong swimsuit967 topless16949 traditional art141607 underboob5035 underwear77720


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Background Pony #4448
Oh, I want to do more than just gaze into it; one that beautiful is worthy of praise and worship.~