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I don't know why he's always crying afterwards,
he always seems to enjoy the PTV shirts I buy him.

Something tells me that's not a topic to smile about…
semi-grimdark28116 suggestive129169 artist:lightningbolt824 derpibooru exclusive24602 oc611216 oc only412371 oc:scene chick17 earth pony202982 .svg available7501 arm warmers503 clothes413365 dyed mane264 dyed tail72 ear piercing21965 earring18190 eyeliner877 female909222 grin33321 hoof hold7410 implied incest1473 implied rape1340 jewelry51867 lidded eyes26236 looking at you145902 makeup17982 mare419984 nose piercing2306 paint1770 piercing35347 pony shaming121 scene138 shirt21517 sign3703 simple background348653 sitting55687 smiling217826 snake bites180 socks57315 solo980159 striped socks19330 svg3183 transparent background180584 vector71484


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Background Pony #1DEC
I wonder does she have a piss fetish as well, and regularly drink from her brother? 🙂