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safe2188235 artist:bobthedalek1082 applejack201715 rainbow dash281797 pony1617776 g42044213 the last problem8084 book43944 chair11925 cider3065 clothes640616 female1818115 granny smith's shawl310 implied appledash365 implied lesbian4795 implied shipping7273 mare751370 not shipping161 older40453 older applejack1088 older rainbow dash1362 recliner59 roommates49 sappho and her friend1 shipping denied1009 signature45129 simple background603897 spit take519 white background164684


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Aharon L'anglais

I see dead ponies...
@Background Pony #03DD  
You mean like this?:
On November 15th, Applejack was asked to remove herself from her place of residence. That request came from her husband. Deep down she knew he was right, but she also knew that one day she would return to him. Having nowhere else to go she appeared at the home of her friend Rainbow Dash. Sometime earlier, Dash’s husband had thrown her out, requesting that she never return. Can two divorced nares share a house without driving each other crazy?
I know Applejack would be Felix and rainbow is definitely Oscar but but who would be Murray the cop?
Background Pony #903A
As much as I love shipping Rainbow and Applejack, this pic gave me a lovely moment to imagine an Odd Couple-esq opening sequence with them in just a roomate setup.
Derpy Whooves
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Looking For My Doctor
Ok, you just crossed the line between ‘having an opinion’ and ‘being an asshole to anyone who disagrees with you’. If you want to talk about your opinions of this ship, use the forums - not fan artist’s works.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Applejack: “Rainbow Ponies think we’re f yay king!”  
Rainbow Dash: “…We should do it harder and louder so they know we’re f yay king!”
Background Pony #ED16
@Dex Stewart  
What’s even funnier is that the isle of lesbos now is so hardcore greek orthodox they’re practically still arguing over whether this newfangled ‘fire’ thing is corrupting the youth.
Dex Stewart
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I forgot the origin of the word was an actual place.I always thought the word Lesbian sounded like an alien race from Star Trek.Romulan,Cardassian,Andorian,Tholian,Ferengi,Borg,Klingon,Lesbian.