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Hey, look what I spent my Valuable time today doing! At the very least though, now the other two from that previous sequence now have their own custom models, and are ready for grand -mis-adventures! Names? No idea. Open to ideas. Both for names, and for what to do with these three.

Also, if for some reason you are a SFM content creator and want to use these, feel free to ask! All I ask in return is just you slap my name somewhere in whatever you make.
questionable106927 artist:dongly12264 oc615830 oc:french toast (changeling)29 oc:pancake (changeling)43 oc:waffles (changeling)59 changeling41990 anthro236126 plantigrade anthro28369 3d66360 blue changeling1611 breast envy421 breasts248992 busty changeling244 changeling oc6686 nipples148755 nudity338060 purple changeling1415 source filmmaker40268 tongue out93097 yellow changeling765


not provided yet


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Background Pony #524C
I imagine they probably get named in batches.

Separately, gonna suggest roommate shenanigans. Is there a simple way to take the proportions and apply them to 'disguises' of different models?
Background Pony #5D15
the changeling on the left called Beerry oath smoothie because it looks like its color and on the right (which has a tattoo) is called Matcha tea

and what to do with these 3?, as a series of sitcom short sexual comics, each of the 3 showing their sexual preferences, fetishes and seeing each of them 3 are dominant or passive and make mention of what they did before looking like this currently (I mean their changeling drone activities were sure to pay attention to the hive males)