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She’s taking a break from all the crowds inside the inn to read a book in the quiet crisp snow
safe1922070 artist:ardail293 starlight glimmer54088 unicorn421566 anthro305088 aurora borealis548 blushing231379 book38189 breath2190 clothes541075 cute228792 eye clipping through hair10242 featured image1028 female1557011 fence3433 glim12 glim glam81 glimmerbetes4313 glimmy49 high res81204 jacket15504 mare589569 miniskirt5311 mountain6273 night31330 pleated skirt4302 profile7018 scarf27154 sitting75596 skirt46649 sky18014 snow16066 snowfall4980 socks78821 solo1227570 sweet dreams fuel1846 thigh highs46377 winter5266 winter coat138 zettai ryouiki2087


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How now brown cow?
Wow, just… wow  
Never thought a pic of mine would get over 1k upvotes on here  
I spent so much time, energy and drove myself into the ground working so hard on this pic  
Feels a lot better knowing people enjoy it ;w;
Background Pony #6F21
Nobody’s going to do the aurora borealis routine with me? Aww.
Not at this time of day.
Not in this part of the country. And certainly not localised entirely within this picture comment section.
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Music Connoisseur
I’ve always wanted to see an aurora borealis myself, but I wouldn’t handle the cold at all. Also, I love her ear muffs. <3