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safe1861719 artist:bravewind25 pinkie pie229624 oc777537 oc:bravewind7 unnamed oc2194 bat pony58345 cat7062 chicken1587 dragon64669 fox2138 original species29035 pony1206002 rabbit6313 shark2488 shark pony2429 sylveon223 pony town4190 :p10811 animal5471 antlers2575 apple17894 badge1577 banana2188 bat pony oc22159 bat wings12217 blurry637 breasts315472 bubble6256 candle5459 colored wings8317 commission info1396 donut steel634 featureless breasts2740 fire12695 fireball182 flower29563 food79872 furry5889 lantern1914 lineart22464 logo4367 mlem997 multicolored hair7446 multicolored mane2553 multicolored tail1880 multicolored wings3373 orange1040 original character do not steal802 paw prints660 pixel art12538 pokémon9825 prototype285 pumpkin5039 rainbow colors40 rainbow hair3279 rainbow tail379 shark tail77 silly7860 simple background455794 sprite2331 swirls95 sword12735 text68484 tongue out118378 transparency10 transparent772 weapon34008 wings148939


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Your awful choice of colors that results in clashing and unreadability and your insistence on being daft (not reading collab’s rules, trying to rules-lawyer Derpi’s rules, removing “advertisement” tag from this blatant advertisement) considerably reduce your chance of getting commissions from me (to zero) and presumably from other people.