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On this Nightmare Night, we will get to see Queen Galaxia unveil her alter ego for the celebrations and holiday of horror. For Nightmare Pulsar will bring terror and fright to all the little fillies and colts. All the while Tommy and the rest of the royal family enjoy the festivities and fun the holiday brings. Including lots of candy and excitement!!

Done by the lovely CandyClumsy

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safe1598934 artist:candyclumsy593 oc615840 oc:candy clumsy84 oc:king speedy hooves285 oc:queen galaxia302 alicorn202336 pegasus251607 pony868115 comic:nightmare pulsar35 alicorn oc23100 bathroom1922 bedroom8902 clothes419181 comic102274 commissioner:bigonionbean1673 concerned766 counter273 cutie mark42870 dialogue60131 embarrassed10410 embracing17 female1271797 fusion:king speedy hooves286 fusion:queen galaxia256 galloping350 hair bun2970 husband and wife1306 jewelry53898 laughing7309 loving gaze107 maid5368 male338071 mirror4824 multicolored hair4513 neigh176 rainbow hair1969 regalia17303 sink462 weird355 writer:bigonionbean1409


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