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Commissioned by SleepySteve ; 3

Comic part: The End!

If you're looking for a Show accurate Hasbro High Quality drawing, just DM me >; 3
No "almost" like the show style, No cheap art variations, No other artists style emulations, you'll get a picture like if it was taken from a screenshot from an actual episode.

New Commission Queue, you can track your commission progress, as well as your commission space in the list. LIMITED SLOTS.

If you REALLY like my art and want to support me go to my Patreon. My art will always be free, so no paywalls, because I won't ask for free money Like many do xd
safe1658422 artist:metalhead97526 starlight glimmer47197 trixie65753 equestria girls193606 barrette388 boots20836 cape9897 clothes442263 commission63485 cute192524 day1100 diatrixes3028 dress42865 duo56769 duo female9478 fall formal outfits1395 female1321420 friendship1221 fun354 glimmerbetes3705 hat83191 having fun51 high heel boots5282 jump rope151 jumping3231 log678 looking at each other18919 matching outfits48 mountain4857 outfit1294 shoes34358 show accurate13786 showing off503 skipping rope14 smiling235134 smirk11976 trixie's cape3633 trixie's hat4431


not provided yet


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