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safe1881686 artist:raps205 aura (character)362 princess celestia101532 princess luna105767 alicorn257191 earth pony322494 pony1227984 accident1369 butt143535 butt crush316 butt destruction13 comic118679 cowering277 crying48013 destruction1658 dialogue74787 digital art23590 double facewing1 embarrassed12797 facewing70 female1519410 filly78356 floppy ears60168 frown26498 glare8531 grumpy2832 hiding1563 hiding behind wing94 horrified711 hug31868 looking back68207 mare567914 nose wrinkle3335 open mouth179596 plot100250 prone29011 raised hoof55548 raised tail18796 royal sisters5262 simple background464766 spread wings67171 squishy cheeks2737 sunbutt4660 table10519 tail51922 the ass was fat16941 toothpick115 white background118247 wide eyes18222 wing fluff1851 winghug3272 wings153606


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Background Pony #39D6
My gosh this is rude and vary mean to poor celestia and celestia is not fat so stop bullying her! Am I the only one who will stand up for celestia!
Background Pony #A7CB
Sorry little filly,but I’m enjoying your replica being Crushed crush it with celly :)
Background Pony #3F19
I swear, whenever Raps draws Princess Sunbutt as a giant it’s just pure heaven! <3
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Poor Celly and poor random filly. I’m sure it was just an honest accident from Celestia and she’ll make it up to the little girl.

I am human, hear me err.
I suppose if I really wanted to be cruel, I could say things like:
“I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and … wait, wrong story.”
“A full moon, and it wasn’t even Luna.”
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