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The B-Day pic for Ambris
safe (1501309) artist:tomatocoup (323) oc (566324) oc:erika (6) anthro (213807) original species (20225) plantigrade anthro (24137) shark (1297) shark pony (1548) beach (11728) clothes (381683) cloud (30127) ear piercing (18676) female (825397) lifeguard (1141) ocean (4789) one-piece swimsuit (3504) pale belly (488) piercing (30977) smiling (197302) solo (924645) swimsuit (22760) tail piercing (22)


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Background Pony #CA02
Derpibooru is now furry site again? Shark anthros, cat OCs that are Abyssians and thus canon… what this fandom has become?