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safe2115688 artist:tjpones3875 applejack196027 fluttershy251825 pinkie pie249806 rainbow dash272648 rarity212744 starlight glimmer58509 twilight sparkle349546 alicorn302282 earth pony422074 pegasus470478 pony1476690 unicorn511589 g41623837 season 92831 the last problem7821 big crown thingy 2.067 female1737394 mane six36792 older37710 older applejack1041 older fluttershy1041 older mane six476 older pinkie pie972 older rainbow dash1250 older rarity988 older starlight glimmer235 older twilight3195 one of these things is not like the others500 princess twilight 2.03650 simple background568184 smol1251 squatpony758 the tables have turned109 twiggie659 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145914 white background151516 woonoggles647


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Background Pony #E149
Regardless of the somewhat dark implications of her immortality ||with everything we have on canon alicorns alone without speculation… ||, I still enjoy seeing her in this state and find it interesting and funny for her to be in this state of elder/big good character.
Background Pony #AC99
TJ, I know what is the difference between lineart and lineart, and not your lines are the “bad” in my view. I hope you take calm that people think different, and seek different things in art too. :)