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Ru: ru.fallout-equestria-remains.w…

safe2155137 artist:empalu59 oc936742 oc only680133 oc:calamity852 oc:littlepip5153 diamond dog4070 earth pony438201 hellhound334 pegasus488278 pony1583132 robot11459 robot pony6126 unicorn529167 fallout equestria22640 game: fallout equestria: remains188 alicorn armor22 armor30818 battle saddle379 clothes625910 computer8094 crate742 dashite526 drone670 electricity945 enclave armor266 energy weapon414 fanfic11370 fanfic art18435 female1781977 flying54270 game4777 game screencap2287 glowing horn28735 grand pegasus enclave353 gun20500 handgun4043 hooves25646 horn179500 jumpsuit5503 laser1161 levitation16077 lightning4213 machine gun688 magic95578 magical energy weapon160 male543377 mare728767 minigun596 optical sight963 pipbuck4327 pistol2902 plasma rifle37 power armor1446 red sky186 rocket1060 ruins1601 scope303 shooting633 socks94029 spread wings92055 stallion191846 striped socks27962 telekinesis38593 terminal154 turret249 vault suit4339 video game5994 wasteland1546 weapon40749 wings217236 workbench50


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Background Pony #63C3
@Background Pony #1826  
You just need to keep grinding. You don’t need to finish an area in one go, keep repeating the levels until you get more caps, ammo and equipment. On later levels you’ll advance much quicker, don’t worry.
Background Pony #2133
This is a great game but damn is it hard. Only on level 2 of the factory and I’m already struggling to make progress.
Background Pony #2133
The game has a full English translation from start to finish, though you can definitely tell at times that it wasn’t originally English overall it’s pretty decent quality.