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full version of >>2172168 (merged)
safe1862679 artist:shinodage1117 edit146689 edited screencap73771 screencap242072 applejack181015 fluttershy227795 luster dawn1820 pinkie pie229724 rainbow dash249547 rarity195035 spike84028 twilight sparkle320094 alicorn253708 dragon64707 earth pony313760 ghoul534 pegasus356733 pony1207027 undead3187 unicorn394397 fallout equestria19150 season 92004 the last problem6726 adventure time1487 air raid siren2 alarm79 alternate ending575 alternate scenario339 animated106528 apocalypse293 apocalyptic10 armageddon20 atomic bomb184 attack331 bad end2435 balefire35 balefire bomb60 blast755 blinding6 bomb690 boom73 claws5680 communism in the comments27 confused5298 crossover66259 destruction1638 doomsday25 doomsday weapon8 dragon wings841 end of an era39 end of g4110 end of ponies811 end of the world80 equestria is doomed170 equestria is fucked17 ethereal mane9735 everything is ruined342 explosion2347 fallout3998 fangs29925 female1502210 fire12701 gigachad spike957 great fire of canterlot2 great war6 ground zero2 happy ending override19 holy shit33 hooves20944 horn98556 imminent death2698 jaw drop275 kablam3 kaboom23 male423140 mane seven7051 mane six33942 mare557751 megaspell62 megaspell explosion46 mushroom cloud269 nightmare1506 nuclear34 nuclear assault4 nuclear explosion105 nuclear weapon266 nuked3 oh crap315 oh fuck11 oh god no48 oh no343 oh shi4 oh shi-!26 oh shit155 older30333 older applejack859 older fluttershy830 older mane seven278 older mane six414 older pinkie pie815 older rainbow dash994 older rarity818 older spike6005 older twilight2303 princess twilight 2.02939 radiation122 radioactive222 raised eyebrow7241 scary626 shit just got real81 shocked8058 shocked expression1309 shocked eyes56 shocker21 shrunken pupils4196 sound11008 surprise attack12 sweet celestia12 sweet celestia have mercy2 sweet celestia i can't believe it3 tagging nightmare2 the end is neigh99 the end of the world8 this will end in death2811 this will end in pain2193 this will end in tears3630 this will end in tears and/or death2435 this will end in war44 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132459 twist ending26 uh oh314 wall of tags4816 war1390 war never changes23 we are all doomed6 we are all gonna die!4 we're all doomed39 webm16880 well we're boned12 winged spike8988 wings149131 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2496


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Chief Pone
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Master Chief Pone
@Iron Storm  
Well the 9th season was rushed tho and there are still some characters with no back story like Queen Chrysalis for example.Even Discord, Tirek, Sombra and Grogar got a back story to them except Chrysalis which is odd.But still the pain remains from the ending
Lord Mega

“No! NO! NONONONONONO! N͓͔̰͙̾͆͋ͥO̕Ỏ̞̺̳͉̣̖̥͇̥̮͕̻̹̣̜̇ͧ̓̌͗͊̃́ͩ̏̓̅ͩ̈́Ȯ̜͍̳ͩͭ͟͢O҉̯̲̳͎͚͉͎̩̟̮Ó̢̥͈̘̫͍̣̜͛̉̏̈́̂ͩ̅͞ͅOͨ͗̇͏͏̵̰͔̘!͗̋̿̓ͥ͒ͮ̉ͫ͂ͤ̍ͭ̏̕ This, IS NOT, WHERE IT ENDS!”
“Ah, much better, because you know how it goes, War, war never changes.”