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full version of >>2172168
safe1691531 artist:shinodage1115 edit130876 edited screencap64277 screencap220473 applejack168678 fluttershy211157 luster dawn1501 pinkie pie214839 rainbow dash232349 rarity180549 spike78293 twilight sparkle298334 alicorn221447 dragon55387 earth pony243201 ghoul493 pegasus286058 pony953194 undead2041 unicorn317071 fallout equestria16835 the last problem5672 a-bomb2 adventure time1435 air raid siren2 alarm62 alternate ending486 alternate scenario327 animated97857 apocalypse285 apocalyptic10 armageddon20 atomic bomb163 attack295 bad end2113 balefire33 balefire bomb59 blast640 blinding6 bomb616 boom69 claws4997 communism in the comments27 confused4696 crossover61697 destruction1476 doomsday25 doomsday weapon7 dragon wings669 end of an era38 end of g4101 end of ponies787 end of the world77 equestria is doomed160 equestria is fucked15 ethereal mane7775 everything is ruined337 explosion2156 extinction level event1 fallout3498 fangs24876 female1349414 fire11291 gigachad spike809 great fire of canterlot2 great war6 ground zero2 ground zeroes6 happy ending override17 holy shit25 hooves17692 horn64503 imminent death2430 jaw drop256 kablam3 kaboom22 male367810 mane seven6472 mane six31711 mare473603 megaspell61 megaspell explosion46 mushroom cloud255 nightmare1436 nuclear34 nuclear assault4 nuclear explosion91 nuclear weapon237 nuked3 oh crap285 oh fuck7 oh god no41 oh my133 oh no279 oh shi4 oh shi-!24 oh shit133 older26322 older applejack733 older fluttershy690 older mane seven237 older mane six354 older pinkie pie697 older rainbow dash808 older rarity681 older spike5208 older twilight1601 princess twilight 2.02301 radiation105 radioactive194 raised eyebrow6521 scary547 shit just got real76 shocked6855 shocked expression886 shocked eyes25 shocked face52 shocker21 shrunken pupils3079 sound8698 surprise attack11 sweet celestia11 sweet celestia have mercy2 sweet celestia i can't believe it3 tagging nightmare4 the end is neigh96 the end of the world8 this will end in death2405 this will end in pain1920 this will end in tears3311 this will end in tears and/or death2267 this will end in war40 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122779 twist ending26 uh oh267 wall of tags2972 war1236 war never changes22 we are all doomed6 we are all gonna die!4 we're all doomed34 webm13067 well we're boned10 winged spike8308 wings104361 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2342


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Master Chief Pone
@Iron Storm
Well the 9th season was rushed tho and there are still some characters with no back story like Queen Chrysalis for example.Even Discord, Tirek, Sombra and Grogar got a back story to them except Chrysalis which is odd.But still the pain remains from the ending
Lord Mega

"No! NO! NONONONONONO! N͓͔̰͙̾͆͋ͥO̕Ỏ̞̺̳͉̣̖̥͇̥̮͕̻̹̣̜̇ͧ̓̌͗͊̃́ͩ̏̓̅ͩ̈́Ȯ̜͍̳ͩͭ͟͢O҉̯̲̳͎͚͉͎̩̟̮Ó̢̥͈̘̫͍̣̜͛̉̏̈́̂ͩ̅͞ͅOͨ͗̇͏͏̵̰͔̘!͗̋̿̓ͥ͒ͮ̉ͫ͂ͤ̍ͭ̏̕ This, IS NOT, WHERE IT ENDS!"

"Ah, much better, because you know how it goes, War, war never changes."
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