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NSFW Version:
Update: Higher resolution, Fixed some stuff I didn’t liked of the original, Like the lighs and the shadows
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You can see all my pictures and animations in HD [~4400px] with just one dollar per month.

suggestive188471 artist:godoffury557 applejack198632 fluttershy255832 pinkie pie253383 princess celestia111737 princess luna116205 rainbow dash277016 rarity215654 starlight glimmer59303 twilight sparkle354386 alicorn309582 pony1579836 unicorn527669 g42004754 3d120661 all the mares love8 applebutt6558 balloonbutt6402 butt226340 butts everywhere39 confused6597 dock69911 female1778376 females only16673 flutterbutt8073 frown35440 funny5428 group7642 huge butt16208 large butt32662 lesbian116359 lucky bastard2067 mane six37288 mane six plots198 mare726810 moonbutt4989 nudity504225 plot140737 presenting33877 rainbutt dash6346 raised eyebrow9780 raised tail24625 rearity7196 smothering944 source filmmaker67214 starlight glimmer gets all the mares18 sunbutt5832 surrounded by mares17 tail95266 twibutt8800 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147875


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Lessee, she is currently smelling a mixture of vanilla, blackberry, lavender, apple, cotton candy, marshmallow, Skittles and lemon ponuts at the moment.