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Page 859 - Roam Schooled
You know what? To heck with it: A Story Time about naps. I could certainly use one.
DM: <sigh> Far be it from me to make sure you’re all integrated naturally into this world I created…
Rarity: That’s all well and good, but sometimes these things are found rather than decided. This is an improvisational medium, after all.
Rainbow Dash: Can we just change a few things, though? Like, maybe I didn’t get “kicked out” of flight school… Maybe I left. Maybe I had a really good reason, too!
DM: Hmm. So the leader jock says:
Dumb-Bell: Face it, Rainbow Crash, flight school had too many rules and not enough naptimes for you.
Rainbow Dash: A better reason than that, geez. Though that does describe basically every school in existence…

safe2197646 artist:newbiespud1669 edit174869 edited screencap91775 screencap297719 dumbbell707 fluttershy261174 rainbow dash282882 rarity219493 pegasus507406 pony1628062 unicorn549608 comic:friendship is dragons1858 g42053573 sonic rainboom (episode)1298 angry37061 annoyed7339 book44244 clothes644704 comic136841 dialogue95488 eyes closed141142 female1829024 frown36721 golden oaks library7099 hat126440 male559462 mare758080 raised hoof71474 screencap comic5587 scroll4377 sigh600 stallion199623 weather factory uniform136


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