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Drawing mane 6 with some actual backgrounds part III, still 3 to go. Tell me which one (Fluttershy/ Rarity/ Twilight) I should finish next 😛.

I know the resolution is a bit unusual but I wanted to draw something I could use as a wallpaper on my PC.

And I know this pose kind of indicates that RD is about to fall or something, but believe me, I redrew it many times, this one is indeed a bit strange but it's the most dynamic I could come up with 😄.
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@Conversed Corruption
Basically. And like I said earlier, the person who downvoted this has downvoted spammed in the past so this one was a case of the latter, someone trolling. Their vote ultimately means nothing in the long run.
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Well then...
Had the same thought actually. A picture could be made by some of the most professional artist out there with high quality art and such, but downvotes can and will still occur for many reasons really, or just to troll.
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yup, gonna be my wallpaper
I think they also did 4:4:4 subsampling for the jpeg which is interesting but that means it's at peak sharpness and perfect for a wallpaper :3
4:2:0 subsampling jpegs suck and is the default… it's REALLY not worth it… 4:2:2 is a good compromise
anyway, very cute and definitely going to be my wallpaper :)
edit:hmm, might actually be 4:2:2… but for some reason the eyes blur more when I save as 4:2:2.. but the hair doesn't shadow or blur more.. but does a LOT with 4:2:0.. eh, anyway, I'm over-analyzing