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Background Pony #F27A
Let’s be honest: she deserves it. No matter how I like Cozy (my favorite villain from the show) she deserves it
Background Pony #1A1F
Wow people arguing about cozy glow being turned to stone this is such a stupid argument.I not even gonna get involved.
Background Pony #E5B0
What makes you think they couldn’t?
Discord was in stone for a season and a half before they even tried to reform him and it took another season and a half for them to pull it off. You want them to try and cram a reformation arc for Cozy into the last five minutes of the entire series?

A sociopathic child who could easily have killed somepony and gotten away with it by acting cute. I’d say this was a perfect punishment for her.
Background Pony #DA19
Fandom: Cozy’s just a child!  
Me, an intellecual: She’s a sociopath!
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Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl
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#1 Spikeabuse Fan
I lucid dreamed her into existence last night and science shows that lucid dreams are a 100% real alternate universe and that the universe we’re living in right now is just God’s current dream and that when you lucid dream, you create an equally real reality, just like God did in the first chapter of Genesis in The Bible. And in my dream, I freed Cozy Glow and had her destroy and takeover Ponyville and kill everyone besides herself, Chrysalis, Rarity, Pinkie, Ember, Smolder, Trixie and Starlight. It was real.