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safe1613871 screencap210582 storm king1130 tempest shadow16150 twilight sparkle288053 alicorn205684 pony881467 unicorn284510 yeti281 my little pony: the movie18266 adorable distress462 anime eyes85 antagonist1440 armor22306 balcony1324 broken horn13185 canterlot castle1963 cross-eyed706 crown15115 cute185965 eyelashes5682 faic11625 fangs22765 female1284611 frown21817 group hug817 holding a pony2706 horn51732 horns5141 hug26137 jewelry55131 mare438823 regalia17657 smiling224174 squeezing431 squishy cheeks2175 staff2811 staff of sacanas370 stained glass1137 storm king's emblem116 stormabetes31 tempestbetes2604 trio7697 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118258


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