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safe (1446880)screencap (178349)storm king (987)tempest shadow (11978)twilight sparkle (263722)alicorn (167824)pony (714602)unicorn (211009)yeti (186)my little pony: the movie (16717)adorable distress (283)anime eyes (69)antagonist (1188)armor (19117)balcony (1159)broken horn (9869)canterlot castle (1329)cross-eyed (629)crown (11209)cute (151857)eyelashes (3108)faic (10508)fangs (18151)female (776326)frown (19858)group hug (680)holding a pony (2225)horn (27741)horns (3697)hug (22938)jewelry (40297)mare (345462)regalia (12863)smiling (186561)squeezing (348)squishy cheeks (1815)staff (2491)staff of sacanas (318)stained glass (1046)storm king's emblem (57)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104176)

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