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i think it’s a nice episode, probably because i would be happy if i see anything about Twilght…
there’s a lot of fun on ponies expressions and reactions.

safe2190704 artist:coldrivez45 pinkie pie257629 twilight sparkle360123 alicorn317896 earth pony511578 pony1620704 a trivial pursuit1309 g42046919 season 93447 ambition13 angry36923 annoyed7308 duo175613 duo fe1 female1821066 horn199451 leaning on table107 mare753034 messy mane11034 pointing5797 quiz game3 simple background605323 sitting93769 spread wings96473 table13240 trivia trot59 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150339 white background165199 wings227444


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