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A request for CyberApple456

It's her OC Mistress Chloe Adore with her subs Twilight and Sunset.

This took longer than I liked to finish in GIMP. Everywhere I zoomed in, there was weak and/or dirty lineart that needed repair. Makes me glad I didn't try doing shading or a latex shine. Didn't help that the rough sketches became a bit too complicated to get everypony posed together right. Other than that, it seemed to turn out well enough.


rough sketches

final sketch
suggestive132917 artist:supra80428 sunset shimmer59013 twilight sparkle288673 oc628838 oc:chloe adore76 alicorn206629 unicorn286249 anthro240766 unguligrade anthro44537 ankle cuffs567 anthro oc28598 arm behind back5385 ballgag6670 bdsm6106 belly button71363 blindfold4104 bondage31429 boots19845 bound wings3313 breasts254964 catsuit1224 clothes427011 collar30299 cuffs3976 cutie mark ballgags18 dominatrix2206 evening gloves7828 female1288101 females only11779 femdom7568 femsub9839 gag13441 gagging305 gloves18280 high heel boots5000 horn52497 horn ring5178 latex10645 latex gloves1334 latex stockings278 latex suit3077 leash7187 long gloves4994 magic68556 magic suppression3666 pencil drawing7486 pet play3358 pet tag1576 photoshop3686 shoes32354 socks59847 submissive15004 tack4078 telekinesis25684 thigh boots816 thigh highs30638 traditional art111400 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118537 twisub793 wings88322


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