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Aria Blaze: "Don't get all up in your feelings, Princess."
Sunset Shimmer: "Gaah! I hate it when you call me that."
Aria Blaze: *I know. Princess."
safe1588160 screencap206588 adagio dazzle12024 aria blaze9166 sonata dusk12684 sunset shimmer57597 equestria girls183176 equestria girls series29310 sunset's backstage pass!2143 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12185 boots19312 clothes415428 converse5161 cropped45609 crossed arms4361 dress40210 female1228538 hand on hip4882 high heel boots4904 jacket11042 legs7278 outdoors8073 pigtails4044 ponytail15988 quartet384 shoes31096 shorts12542 smiling218581 smirk11162 sneakers4704 socks57766 spiked wristband1079 striped socks19501 sunset shimmer is not amused118 taco dress120 the dazzlings4057 tour bus43 twintails1527 unamused14162 wristband3212


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Background Pony #7669
That wasn’t on the special though right? It is pretty funny though
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