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I had this lying around, almost always opened in SAI. Today was the day for it I guess. It’s rare for me to finish coloring something in one sitting.

suggestive192714 artist:andelai635 starlight glimmer60716 trixie80085 unicorn550562 semi-anthro23024 g42055381 abstract background24906 arm hooves17342 bedroom eyes83525 bipedal50359 booty shorts410 bra22190 butt236178 buttcrack1441 clothes645494 cute269416 cutie mark51334 dock72900 eyelashes27634 female1831109 females only17113 glimmer glutes2466 horn204681 human shoulders2047 large butt34720 lesbian119138 looking at you265171 mare759452 plot147383 plotcrack290 ship:startrix3905 shipping257733 shorts20022 simple background610025 smiling406463 standing26466 tail107230 tail hole2316 tank top11104 the ass was fat21378 tight clothing3894 underwear79990


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Background Pony #D3DD
nice plot starlight I really like like it O///O you look cute the special and your “girlfriend” Trixie as well hope we can hang out~count ziltromon
Background Pony #1761
Well thank god you finished this one then. Makes me wonder how many others as good as this you have sitting around.