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Slightly retouched and perspective-corrected from >>1964465

This was posted in Alcor's Discord the same day the original was made, yet somehow ended up collecting dust. Anyway, enjoy. ('w' )
safe1724567 artist:alcor999 edit134004 editor:dsp200392 fluttershy214602 pegasus298823 semi-anthro13394 :o3815 alcor is trying to murder us16 blushing200561 cheek fluff5699 chest fluff39948 cute202518 daaaaaaaaaaaw4038 eyelashes11423 female1379109 floppy ears53089 fluffy14405 high res30937 hnnng2464 hoof fluff1870 leg fluff3105 looking at you171657 lying down18170 mare489724 messy mane7822 neck fluff776 on side6756 open mouth149419 shoulder fluff1872 shyabetes14155 signature25763 solo1076449 stray strand491 traditional art118748 wing fluff1650 wings110857


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