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suggestive (118623) artist:aeroytechyon-x (38) artist:ambris (1295) artist:flachman (4) artist:igriega13 (19) artist:iphstich (28) artist:kelsiepie (23) artist:miian123 (11) artist:misterdavey (223) artist:mn27 (455) artist:nightmaremoons (382) artist:pinkablue (236) artist:raridashdoodles (319) artist:segdavinci (15) artist:sketchyjackie (121) artist:solar-slash (455) artist:twidasher (137) applejack (152437) fluttershy (189839) pinkie pie (194714) rainbow dash (209685) rarity (162359) twilight sparkle (269460) alicorn (175581) earth pony (166816) pegasus (206925) pony (763833) unicorn (226634) equestria girls (167426) animated (87384) appledash (5040) blushing (162050) blushing profusely (1306) eyestrain warning (361) female (809915) flutterdash (4100) heart (39609) kissing (20945) lesbian (86098) loop (4402) mane six (27542) pinkiedash (3096) rain (5218) raridash (1796) seizure warning (2942) shipping (171816) twidash (4865) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107289) umbrella (2156) wall of tags (1971)


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I get that you used a phone to do this, but at this point you probably should've been able to find at least one of the artists that did one of those pieces. Anyway I can at least help a little and put down 3/4 of the Twidash ones, since I'm a Twidash fan and have a fairly comprehensive collection of images regarding the two (I tend to make it a point to put the artist's name down on the filename whenever I save art from online).

I can't actually find the artist on two of the Twidash ones: the one with Twi with her hoof on RD's chin, and the one with the gradient background. Also, fortunately I recognize some of the Raridash ones, and one of the Flutterdash ones by style. Best of luck with the others.
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I saved them to my gallery to make the gif. I'm on a phone and this is the only way I know how to make a gif.
This is only the fourth gif I've ever made. So I don't have that many experiences with making gifs.
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We can't tag the artists, because we don't know them. It could take us hours to track down every image.

But guess who does know who the artists are? You.

Why did you make this animation, if you couldn't be bothered to keep track of whose images you used? It's literally just copy-pasting some pieces of text.