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This comparison doesn’t match at all since snips is no where near as bad as Cartman and I’m not just saying this because I’m okay with snips I mean even if hated him I wouldn’t compare him to Cartman who has done so many bad things I can make a list but with snips I can really only think of a couple bad things he did, so no snips is not the Cartman of Equestria he is more the eddy from ed ed and eddy of Equestria.
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Um no eric cartman is a spoiled brat a racist and an asshole who manipulates his so called “friends” and other people to get what he wants.
Snips maybe an idiot but his no Eric cartman.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
Yeah, that one is actually connected to the Thorax one. Basically, I had an idea of trapping a bunch of ponies in the place from the movie Cube(really good horror movie by the way). And while taking up an idea used in the second movie, Thunderlane got pulled into a time vortex where he was split into two versions. One went all murder-happy and tried to rape Carrot Top, to which she beat him to death. The other was forced to watch it all, went mad and demanded that Thorax ended his pain and guilt. I was being extra cruel with that story. It’s used to be up and even canon to my main universe, but I took it down because I wrote myself into too many corners.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
Hmm, lets in my currently posted stories, he’s been…
Stabbed through the chest by a piece of aircraft debris.
Melted by Spike.
Shot himself while trying to kill Spike offscreen.

Yet to published Stories:
Trapped on the Moon.
Gone mad and put down by Thorax.
Beaten to death by Carrot Top.
Mutilated by an OC
Eaten… by Spike.
And finally exploded while fighting an army of zombies.
Also considering killing him in a Mars Attack parody, but haven’t settled on how yet.

Note, I wrote most of these death long before the recent Rumble episode that actually showed Thunderlane in a good light. By the time that episode came along, I was in too deep and most of my readers were expecting it in the newest fics so I kept going.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
@Darth Shy  
Cartman is the fat short stupid one who is often the evilest of the group and considering Snips has yet to get a single redeeming episode like unlike Snail, he an obvious target.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
Okay? I guess that makes sense. It’s still won’t stop me from continuing to write Thunderlane as my Kenny in my fics. Seriously, I keep torturing him in my stories, first by accident, now for fun. Heck, I even have an unfinished fanfic where Celestia sent him to the Moon. Unfinished, so he’s still up there

No there more like the beavis and butt-head of equestria but I can see snails now getting laid thinks to his buckball talent