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safe2171464 artist:kateponylover22 daybreaker4016 nightmare moon20351 princess celestia112565 princess luna117056 twilight sparkle357248 alicorn313501 pony1599589 g42026389 the beginning of the end2450 angry36593 crown29846 evil3891 female1799454 floppy ears72831 glowing eyes15316 gritted teeth19361 helmet15811 high res407627 jewelry112656 mare738888 open mouth236893 peytral7432 redraw3236 regalia36326 scene interpretation10880 sombra eyes4200 tiara6970 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148955 unamused23992


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Background Pony #1F14
I don’t think that will happen! It was a Illusion of Sombra not Grogar.All what i want to see is to see Moonie back and see her error of her ways
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@Background Pony #C2C4
They are aware, it’s just that they’re wondering if it’s foreshadowing for the finale. Grogar’s bell is called the “Bewitching Bell,” after all, and what better way to showcase such a thing by doing this?
It is quite possible, that something like this is part of Grogar’s endgame.