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January 5-May 18, 2019.

>>1871552 colored with some modifications on the hosiery and shoes.
suggestive132871 artist:johnjoseco4416 artist:king-kakapo1126 rarity173951 human146675 beautiful5110 breasts254870 broom1646 busty rarity11704 cleavage32303 clothes426891 collaboration4998 colored18302 corset4022 costume25972 female1287806 flying35645 flying broomstick718 full moon3147 hat79703 high heels10075 humanized96541 legs7560 looking at you152970 moon22152 sexy26689 shoes32340 sketch59211 skirt37106 socks59824 solo1005255 solo female171881 stockings29872 stupid sexy rarity1125 thigh highs30624 thighs10032 witch2304 witch hat2852


not provided yet


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Because COLORING!!
I wish the lipstick wasn't obscuring the lip bite from the original sketch quite so much.

But that's an extremely minor complaint. All in all, this is FANTASTIC. Excellent work! I love the change from leggings to thigh-highs.

It's always a treat to see JJ's sketches get colored in and finished. I've colored in a fair few myself, but there's a world of difference between a simple colorist like me, and an actual artist who really knows what they're doing.