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safe1599594 alternate version36875 artist:evilfrenzy480 princess celestia90449 princess luna94809 oc616134 oc:cruithne38 oc:frenzy145 alicorn202500 pony868596 unicorn278589 age regression1332 alicorn oc23129 angry24655 april fools745 april fools 201994 april fools joke147 baby9795 baby pony6139 chase797 colt13531 diaper package135 dropper15 female1272273 filly60680 filly luna254 foal14988 fruna66 heterochromia4658 levitation10881 magic67357 male338222 offspring34644 onomatopoeia3469 open mouth127353 parent:oc:frenzy39 parent:princess luna1971 parents:canon x oc1586 parents:fruna33 prank1365 question mark4106 royal guard7090 sleeping21958 sound effects1725 telekinesis25122 underhoof47300 woona4953 younger15717 zzz2250


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